Caring for Europe

Caring for Europe - Solidarity with Greece 2020-2022

The Erasmus + project ‘Caring for Europe - Solidarity with Greece’ tries to respond to an increasing lack of empathy towards disadvantaged people. School communities from four EU countries (Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium and Greece) team up with the Greek NGO Kapnikos to reach two objectives:

Objective 1:

Solidarity towards disadvantaged people and mutual understanding amongst participants have been fostered.

Objective 2:

Participating school communities have learnt about EU values, focusing on international solidarity and promoting a welcoming culture.

How will these objectives be reached?

  • We learn from the Greek NGO Kapnikos through hands-on experiences (exchanges/study tours).
  • We organize charitable events by, for instance, collecting basic necessities for refugees and disadvantaged people in Greece  (learning by doing).
  • We establish a network of like-minded young people at our schools (networking/awareness raising).

Participating schools:

  • Athénée de Luxembourg (L),
  • Hilda Gymnasium Pforzheim (D),
  • Pius X Collège Tessenderlo (B),
  • Gymnasium Katerini (Gr)

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Bankdaten & IDs

Steuer-Nr: 9969 67 314 DOY Katerinis

IBAN: GR71 0172 2550 0052 5510 1380 536

European Solidarity Corps PIC number: 898062279